With the aim of achieving its goals and fulfilling its mission, the An-Najah National University has established a special centre to concentrate on the affairs of student training in various specialties. This centre undertakes the coordination of student training on a wide scale by facilitating coordination between academic departments in the University's various colleges and members of faculty who are assigned to supervise the training of students in their colleges. It further coordinates between students seeking training opportunities and authorities, institutes, agencies, and companies, which agree to take part in student training. This type of cooperation facilitates student training, and involves both a special Field Supervisor in the training institute and an Academic Supervisor at the University.

These supervisors monitor the seriousness of the training process, its quality, and its organization. Both supervisors are responsible for completing reports to assess the training process. The University has issued this handbook so that the student may become aware of his/her responsibilities and duties during the training process, the importance of practical training in fulfilling graduation requirements, and what may be gained through practical training.